One day a year just isn't enough to celebrate all of you lovely mums, so we've put together a 'treatmail' to thank you with instead.

As you may know, we see a lot of new mums and babies in the clinic. We've listened to your requests and have compiled some 'snack hacks' for your fridge. These are core eating strategies that will get you prepared for whatever these first few months of motherhood throw at you.

Since MUMs are the true stars here, we've collaborated with one of the best astrologers in the UK to interpret your cosmic unity and peek into your horoscope! Great for baby, child or any adult!

We also have a special offer on a "making sense of the menopause" event coming soon.

Finally, because every mum deserves Osteopathy, we've included a voucher for £5 off an osteopathy treatment with us.

To mums & good health

Christian Bates

For the LOVE of MUM

As a mother of 9 year old twins, I can sit here and say to you, hand on heart, that having infant twins was NOT what I expected! Yes, I admit – I didn’t want to leave the hospital as that actually meant I was officially a ‘mum’. Going home. With twins. Even though this was 9 years ago almost to the day, those sleepless nights, crying babies, and constant hunger pangs are forever etched in my memory. So if this is sounding all too familiar, then hopefully we can help give you some strategies through diet and nutrition that benefit both mum & baby.

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Formula MUM

Specifically designed for women to provide support during pregnancy, pre-conception and breastfeeding.

You can purchase this in the clinic or call Nutri direct on 0800 212 742

Tired Eyes?

By Elle Winslow, Winslow Skincare at The Perrymount

Eyes are often called the window to our soul however this fragile area of our skin is often prone to the first signs of ageing...

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Baby & Child Birth Chart Gift Vouchers

Robyn Ray is our local astrologer who specialises in preparing Birth Charts for Babies & Children. An Astrological Birth Chart gives an invaluable insight into the way a child learns. It highlights the child’s abilities & challenges and is a great guide for any parent or teacher. Until the April 30th, Robyn is offering a £5 discount on all Baby & Child Charts and a £10 discount on all adult consultations.

If you'd like a consultation, or to purchase a Gift Voucher, please call Robyn on 07734 101022 or visit her website HERE

Mother's Day £5 off Osteopathy for Mum or Baby

Print off and keep for yourself or give to a beloved mum in your life

EVENT: Making Sense of Menopause

"How to Survive Menopause without losing your mind"

Taking place at the beautiful Stanhill Court Hotel near Gatwick Airport on Saturday 1st April 2017. A full day event where we will talk through the symptoms & how to deal with them. Plus, get the WHAT, WHERE and WHY of MENOPAUSE, CHOICES & a PLAN!

Join us and know you are not alone on the journey!

There are only 15 spaces left and Perrymount readers get a discounted ticket rate of £57 (reduced from £92.50). Please register HERE

The Perrymount Clinic has three fully qualified osteopaths covering all aspects of treatments related to muscle, joints, nerves and ligaments- including cranial osteopathy for newborns.

We have Monday to Saturday appointments including early morning and some evenings. Please call 01444 410944 to book your appointment. We will also do our very best to get you an appointment on the day you call if you are in pain.

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