Sleep science for your spine: Bed retailer teams up with osteopath to help customers’ health Science has been weaved into the fabric of a bed retailer’s new mattress range after it struck up a pioneering partnership with a neighbouring osteopath. Sussex Beds, a family-run firm with seven branches across the county, has launched its new Spinal Therapy range of mattresses - which was designed with input from experienced osteopath Christian Bates - to help its customers maintain good back health.

As well as his input into the design of the new range, Christian – who has been practising osteopathy for 20 years – has held training sessions with Sussex Beds staff, helping them further understand the best sleeping positions to maintain good spinal health.

Christian said: “I have seen first-hand the damage a poor supporting mattress can have on people’s spines and was really pleased to work with Sussex Beds on their new range.”

The spinal therapy mattresses feature a pioneering ‘zoned spinal pad’ that keeps your back in alignment, preventing stress on the spine while sleeping, as well as reinforced springs and edging to give excellent support. Steve Pickering, Sussex Beds MD, said: “Back pain is a huge problem in the UK – with a recent study finding 10 million working days were lost to the chronic condition* – and the way we sleep can have a huge impact on the spine’s alignment. Our customers maintain a healthy back, which is why we developed our new mattress range. It’s been great to have Christian on board and his training will help us further support our customers in finding the right bed for them.”

The Spinal Therapy range has been designed with those with back problems and pain in mind, but is also aimed at supporting heavier sleepers, with all in the range having been tested rigorously to take up to 30 stone in weight.

For more information about the range visit The Sussex Bed Centre
Prices for a double start from £1,279.99.