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Reversing Side Effects from Medications with Naturopathic Principles

I am often speaking to my patients about their pharmaceutical medications as it is part of my case history taking and it is essential for me as an osteopath and naturopath to know what these drugs do, how they do it, and also if they could potentially have some interaction to treatment I give. In reality it is very rare to have an interaction between medications and osteopathy.

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Hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar), Adrenal Stress & Low Thyroid

Low blood sugar, or hypoglycaemia, is the opposite of the better known diabetes where the sugar in the blood remains too high. I would say that low blood sugar is fast becoming one of the most common problems I am seeing in the clinic at The Perrymount. The symptoms are so wide ranging, from feeling vaguely unwell, to shaking, dizziness, weakness, anxiety and general fatigue and tiredness, see symptom list below.

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